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Quality and purity are essential to getting optimal results with nutritional supplements.  Below are links to two on-line dispensaries that offer practitioner grade supplements with the customer support to back them up.  These stores are open to both patients and the public alike.  However, established patients will be privy to added discounts on their orders.

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If you are concerned about cold and flu season, and the coronovirus in particular, I encourage you to consider my "shop by colds and flus" selections by Designs for Health.  Simply create an account and click "shop" on the top bar.  You will see "shop by colds and flus" on the left panel.  Click there to see the selections.  Additionally, please see my blog post (, including links to abstracts and full-text articles regarding natural anti-virals and immune support.  If you would like guidance for selecting the best protocol for you, please schedule a virtual visit.  Stay healthy everyone!

Designs for Health is an excellent nutraceutical company.  They are family owned, and their formulas have been designed by the same naturopathic physician years.   Here you will enjoy free shipping with no minimum order and a guaranteed price less than what Amazon offers.  Please use practitioner code JULIEFIGGINS when placing your initial order for a special discount.


Fullscript is my comprehensive supplement dispensary.  Here patients have access to over 300 brands of high-quality, professional grade nutraceuticals.  This online store is open to everyone.  However, established patients will enjoy additional discounts on all products.  Supplements prescribed by naturopathic physicians are exempt from sales tax in Washington.  Prescribed supplements purchased in Fullscript are HSA and FSA eligible.

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