• Julie Figgins

IMMH Conference 2019

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I had a great time at the Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference in San Diego in August. This conference featured Dr. Daniel Amen, known for the Amen clinics, as well as Dr. Joe Pizzorno, Founder and President Emeritus of Bastyr University.

I really appreciate the whole person approach presented at this conference. Nutrition is so important to our mental health, and targeted nutritive therapies can really be of benefit to anxiety and depression.

After sitting at this conference, geared towards introducing psychiatrists to this approach, I really began to appreciate my naturopathic training. This conference presented practices that I have been implementing for years, as it represented some of the core components of naturopathic training. I highly recommend considering a naturopathic consultation for mild-to-moderate anxiety and depression prior to considering a prescription antidepressant. There is certainly a place for medications, but it is nice when they can be avoided. Counseling is of course another excellent modality that can be used in conjunction to help one get through hard times.

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