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Exciting move, new environmental health offerings and Happy Holidays from Julie Figgins ND!


I truly hope this note finds you all well. 2020 has certainly been an unforgettable year, leading to big changes for me. A sea change of sorts.

In October, our family made a move to the Isle of Man, a beautiful spot located in the Irish Sea. We first explored this UK Crown Dependency in 2018. As connections strengthened and friendships developed, my husband was offered a fantastic opportunity here which is an exciting career move for him. We are so fortunate to have chosen this place, as the small island nation has been able to isolate itself from COVID with strict border restrictions and quarantine requirements. We are able to gather freely and our son is able to attend school. The Manx weather is wild and unpredictable, but the stunning scenery and genuinely kind nature of everyone here makes it a highly desirable destination.

Since March, I have transitioned my practice to telemedicine, knowing that a trans-Atlantic move was being discussed in serious terms. The timing was right, as it coincided with the first COVID lockdown in Washington, resulting in national acceptance and normalization of telemedicine.

As telemedicine has rapidly been normalized, I am able to maintain my preferred-provider status with Premera, Regence, Lifewise, First Choice and Asuris insurance plans. I am continuing to maintain my part-time office location in Ellensburg at 413 N Main St, Ste H that I sublease from Olivia Franks ND of Swiftwater Naturopathic. I will make announcements on the selected occasions that I return to Ellensburg and can take patients in-person. Any billing-related questions or mail can be directed to my billing assistant, Nicole, at:

Med Bill Service PO Box 2689 Wenatchee, WA 98807 509.260.1051

Despite moving, I am maintaining my active naturopathic license in Washington. Additionally, I am able to continue to work with patients in Oregon through my emergency Oregon license that will remain active as long as Governor Kate Brown continues to maintain her emergency powers order for COVID. I am planning to remotely take the Oregon jurisprudence exam in February, which will allow me to obtain an unrestricted Oregon license. Telemedicine can be a very convenient way to seek care, especially adjunctive naturopathic care, such as what I offer. I can order routine labs at a draw-site near you, have functional medicine specialty labs shipped to you for home collection, recommend professional-grade supplements through my online dispensary Fullscript, and call in necessary prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. The only piece of the visit I am unable to perform is the physical exam. For this reason, I highly recommend that my telemedicine patients have a relationship with a local primary care provider in the case a physical exam is needed. Scheduling visits can now be easily done online at here. If you prefer to see a provider in-person, I would recommend Olivia Franks ND in Ellensburg. Lastly, I wanted to share that I am now offering Environmental Health Coaching Consultations with an option to add on a two-week guided diet specific to your goals. Environmental medicine is a passion of mine. I have done extensive study in the subject and have developed the Environmental Medicine course for naturopathic doctoral students at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois. More and more data is coming out about the negative health effects of chronic low-dose exposure to everyday toxins. Many of the chronic diseases we deal with today may be linked to these exposures. Truly, the best way to prevent environmental illness or ill effects from daily exposures is avoidance. For more information on these educational programs, please click here. This could be a great way to begin the new year! I wish to you and yours a beautiful and safe holiday season, with an abundance of health in the new year that follows! Take good care, Julie Figgins ND

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