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Naturopathy  ~  Nutrition ~ Herbalism  ~  Functional Medicine 

All appointments are now offered through Zoom.  Please feel free to book in through the button below.  If you have general questions about whether this is right for you, please email me at  

General Fees:

New Client Visits  (60 minutes)  £99

During this visit, Dr Figgins will take a comprehensive health history, review any labs or records you have provided, and offer initial lab recommendations (if necessary), diet and lifestyle recommendations and supplement recommendations.


Follow-up Visits   (30-45 minutes)  £79 

Follow-up visits are an opportunity to assess what is working and what isn't for your particular case.  It is also a visit type for established clients with new issues to discuss.   

Brief email consults through CHARM messenger (for established clients only) £25

Sometimes you may have a nagging question that requires a simple solution.  A face-to-face consultation will not be necessary.  Feel free to present your question to Dr Figgins in CHARM.  She will either answer it for you there, or let you know if a visit is more appropriate.


Research Add-on for Complex Cases (optional) £70/hour

Functional Medicine Practitioners are often presented with very complex cases.  In these instances, a research add-on may be recommended to find the most efficient options for you and your unique situation.

Click here to see the current Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine curriculum at Bastyr University, Seattle, USA

*Dr Figgins is registered as a naturopath through the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP).  She is NOT a registered medical practitioner in the IOM/UK

Homemade Remedies
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