Naturopathic Specialty Care through Telemedicine

Dr Figgins is currently a contracted provider with Premera, Lifewise, Regence* and First Choice insurance companies in Washington and Oregon.  

Dr. Figgins is only able to serve patients located in the States of Washington and Oregon

What to Expect:  The initial visit will involve a thorough history and discussion of your health goals.  Conventional labs may be ordered and drawn at a lab near you.  Functional labs may be ordered and shipped to you for home collection.  Specific diet and/or nutraceutical recommendations may be given.  For access to high quality products, nutraceuticals may be offered through Fullscript, my online dispensary.  Together we will come up with a plan regarding frequency of follow-up.  This will vary depending on patient need and preference for follow-up.  For best results in most cases, please plan for an initial commitment of at least 2-3 visits.

General Fees for Telehealth Visits:

New Patient Visits:       

Comprehensive (45 minutes) $199 - Please choose this visit if you have more than one health complaint and you have Premera, Lifewise or First Choice Insurance Plans, or are a non-insurance patient   

Problem Focused (30 minutes) $150 - Please choose this visit if you have Regence or Asuris* Insurance, or you have only one main health complaint to address  

Child (30 minutes)  $150

*Regence and Asuris insurance plans currently do not cover comprehensive (45 minute) new patient visits offered via telemedicine.  If your case is complex, we can address your health concerns over the course of 2-3 visits.

Follow-up Visits:

Comprehensive (30 minutes) $125 - Please choose this visit if you have more than one health condition we are following up on, or there is more than one lab result to review  

Problem Focused (20 minutes) $90 - Please choose this if you have one main health condition or only one lab result to review  

Please note that times listed are for face-to-face time with Dr. Figgins.  She additionally spends approximately the same amount of time outside of your visit researching your case, finalizing your treatment plan, reviewing medical records, putting in lab and prescription orders, and making formal referrals.  This time is not billed for separately and is included in the consult fee.

*Dr. Figgins has transitioned her practice to telemedicine.  Most of the insurance companies Dr. Figgins is contracted with will cover these telemedicine visits in the same way they cover an in-person visit.  Please schedule at "Book Here," or call 877.357.3443, and we will show you how easy telemedicine is!  Just an internet connection and a computer with webcam, or smartphone is required.   Dr. Figgins is licensed to offer telemedicine to those located in Washington and Oregon.  Blessings to you all! 

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