As of March 16, 2020, Dr. Figgins is only seeing patients through telemedicine due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Most of the insurance companies Dr. Figgins is contracted with will cover these telemedicine visits in the same way they cover an in-person visit.  Please schedule at "Book Here," or call 877.357.3443, and we will show you how easy telemedicine is!  Just an internet connection and a computer with webcam, or smartphone is required.  It is our wish that you all stay well during this outbreak, and that we all do everything we can to prevent the spread of this virus.  Dr. Figgins is licensed to offer telemedicine to residents of Washington and Oregon.  Blessings to you all!

Naturopathy offers a holistic approach to health.  It is very broad, as it encompasses nutrition, herbal medicine, physical medicine, naturopathic counseling, conventional laboratory and imaging diagnostics, specialty laboratory diagnostics, and even pharmaceuticals when necessary.  Some naturopathic physicians in Washington and Oregon act as primary care physicians.  Since moving to Walla Walla and focusing on motherhood, I no longer act as a primary care physician.  However, I still analyze each patient for their need for conventional care.  I am well trained to know when naturopathic specialty care is appropriate and when it is in the patient's best interest to seek conventional medicine.  Naturopathic physicians are the only provider type that get supervised clinical training in functional medicine practices as part of their requirement for licensure.  Naturopathic physicians strive to educate and empower patients to make changes that help them achieve the best health possible for their situation.  Naturopathic care offers great stand alone treatments, as well as many options that enhance or complement conventional care.  Though I have chosen to focus my continued education on digestive health, mental health and environmental exposures, I can offer a naturopathic perspective on many common conditions such as frequent migraines, recurrent infections, general inflammation, ADHD/ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, women's health issues and infertility.  I feel honored to assist you in your journey to optimal health!


Many people suffer from digestive issues such as IBS, IBD, reflux and bloating.  My approach to these conditions is to rule out food sensitivities, diagnose and treat Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth (SIBO), and heal the gut with an anti-inflammatory diet and gut healing supplements.  Many patients find that healing the gut results in the added benefit of clearer skin, better energy, and reduced pain related to inflammation.  Please call today to schedule an appointment to get your digestive health back on track.

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Life is stressful.  There are some great naturopathic therapeutics for mild to moderate depression, anxiety and general fatigue.  In addition to training in naturopathic counselling, I can offer excellent natural neurotransmitter support.  Neurotransmitters come from amino acid, or protein precursors.  There are predictable biochemical reactions that take place in the body starting with amino acids, using enzymes and nutrients as co-factors, resulting in the end-product of specific neurotransmitters.  Some people have genetic polymorphisms that cause them to make too little, or too much enzyme essential to healthy neurotransmitter metabolism.  I am able to test for these genetic polymorphisms and treat them as appropriate.  I  may also be able to deduce which neuro-transmitters are out of balance based on symptoms and can support them by offering amino acid precursors and nutrient cofactors.  On occasion, I will recommend a urinary neuro-transmitter profile to further assess neuro-transmitter imbalance.  Additionally, there is now thought to be an inflammatory component to depression and anxiety, that can also be addressed.

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We are learning that constant, low grade exposure to many types of toxicants can contribute to many different chronic diseases.  The most important action to take with environmental medicine is to stop the exposure.  I have undergone specific environmental medicine training to help determine which toxicants patients may have been exposed to. I can order labs to further determine exposure.  Common exposures include pesticides (via air, water, food), heavy metals (dental amalgams, certain seafoods, cigarettes), BPA (cans, receipts), phthalates (scented cleaning and beauty products) and mold.  Our bodies have an amazing system set up to eliminate toxins.  However, we are exposed to a wider variety of man-made chemicals then ever before.  These chemicals can be obesogens, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, immune toxins and neurotoxins.

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